Welcome to Marpocs Platform

Welcome to the draft version of the Marpocs Platform to integrate: • Operational model hindcast and forecast results for different spatial domains (circulation, meteorology, waves); • For Portugal continental coast also vessel positions and other vessel info are obtained through AIS system. • Field data visualization; • Both map and time series formats are presented; • On-demand marine pollution incident simulations (oil, HNS spills, SAR) based on best available information; • Operational model status; This platform tries to answer to the need for an integrated framework for peparedness and response to oil and HNS spills. The Lisbon Agreement, recently ratified by Spain, Morocco, France, Portugal and EU, envisions the regional cooperation in the case of marine pollution incidents. The overarching goal of MARPOCS is to take advantage of previously developed work at international and EU level in different aspects of accidental marine pollution, and to develop and implement an integrated operational framework for preparedness and response to oil and HNS spills in the Atlantic sub-region involving Morocco, Madeira and Canary Islands in the context of Lisbon Agreement, making it easily transferable and extendable to other areas. The general objective is achieved by the sharing and development of common guidelines, methodologies, model-based decision support tools and exercises adapted to the regions of study and promoted by effective implementation and training of local, regional and national authorities. MARPOCS will also promote the exchange of technologies and information between all the partners, and between authorities of the different countries, strengthening capacity for mutual assistance and multinational preparedness and response to accidental pollution episodes in this cross-border sub-region. External metocean data sources included in MARPOCS platform: • NOAA (waves and meteorology) • CMEMS (hydrodynamics) • Puertos del Estado (waves)