Marpocs Platform

Marpocs Platform is an integration platform for modelling results and field data, taking advantage of the combination of state-of-the-art model-based decision support systems and data management technologies developed in ACTION Modulers along the recent years.

The Marpocs Platform was designed to integrate partners operational numerical models with field data to readily obtain the meteocean conditions, key aspects for oil and hns fate in a response context. One key aspect of the platform is the inlcusion of a on-demand spill and SAR simulator with state of the art dynamic transport with weathering and toxicity impact processes to aid on pollution control and coastal protection operations. The following videos show how to explore the platform in 3 of many ways:

Explore Map and Charts operational meteocean conditions for past, current situation and future.

Run on-demand (Part 1) oil, hns, SAR, passive tracer simulations to understand system behaviour and support pollution control and training.

Run on-demand (Part 2) explore simulation results from particle, eulerian and integrated plume results.